Grow Menands

Some of the past winners of the Grow Menands Contest


  1. Louis Menand, the founder of Menands, was a world class horticulturist and his orchid filled greenhouses were a huge attraction in the early days of our Village.
  2. One of the centerpieces of Menands has always been the weekend and early morning bustling of the Capital District Farmers Market. This is where local farmers and shoppers meet daily to share the harvest.
  3. Maybe the most beautiful improvement to our Village is the rich and colorful hanging baskets that run along Broadway in the Spring & Summer. Flowers just have a way of lifting the human spirit.

With that in mind Mayor Meg Grenier is pleased to pronounce May as Grow Menands Month.

The Grow Menands Program

“This summer we are expecting some tours from major developers, real estate groups, and even some visiting foreign dignitaries. We would like Menands to put its best face forward and look as beautiful as we know it can be. That’s why we are hoping that every resident will become part of this Village wide event. We think we can make Menands the most colorful Village in the State. We can do this if every homeowner and business spends just a little more on summer flowers this month. And with the help of the Farmers Market we are making it affordable. If every homeowner spent $10.00 more on decorating their home with flowers… what a difference that would make.” said the Mayor.

Some of the Vendors at the Capital District Farmers Market will be offering a special discount to all Menands resident’s every Saturday during May. (Simply show your driver’s license)

A panel of judges will be traveling around the Village at the end of June to award Grow Menands signs to the MOST COLORFUL HOME and THE MOST COLORFUL BUSINESS (Pictures will be in the future newsletter and posted on the Village website.) Your home may be on TV???

The Big Picture

“There has always been magic in flowers. They not only make you feel better, they also lift the human spirit, said the Mayor.” “Flowers are very contagious, and make you want to do more to make your home look nice. Once you see your neighbor planting flowers, it makes you want to do a little more with your own home and improve the whole neighborhood. Nothing improves curb appeal faster than landscaping, and curb appeal truly increases property value. It’s the biggest bang for your buck when you’re trying to improve the value of your home or business.”

So have your “gardener” do a little extra in front of your home or business. Stop down to the Farmers Market and warm up your green thumb, because Spring is here. It’s time for each of us to help Menands sparkle. Be part of the Grow Menands movement.

To become further involved or for additional information contact the Village Hall at (518) 434-2922 extension 320.