Board Meeting Minutes – July 19th, 2021

  July 19, 2021

The regular semi-monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Menands, held on Monday, July 19th, 2021 was called to order by Mayor Megan Grenier at 6:00 P.M.

Megan Grenier, Mayor
Diane Foley, Trustee
Timothy Lane, Trustee
Brian Marsh, Trustee
Donald Handerhan, Village Clerk

Seth H. Harris, Trustee
Stephen Rehfuss, Village Attorney

Also attending: Bill Garvey, Bill Nevins, Steve Boulet, Paul Cooney, Kirk Montanye

The mayor led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Open Forum:

Resident Bill Garvey

  1. He saw a dead squirrel on North Lyons Avenue he reported it to Menands Police. He came back a couple of days later and the squirrel was gone. He would like to thank DPW for the great job.
  2. On the bus shelters along Broadway he saw a lot of trash in the shelters. He reported it to Menands Police Department. The shelters have been cleaned up since.
  3. On June 20th he was kids climbing on fences and walls at Ganser Smith Park. He contacted the police and the kids stopped climbing. He would like to have a resolution to prohibit climbing on fences and walls at Ganser Smith Park.

Resident Bill Nevins

  1. Thanked DPW for the hard work they do for the village.
  2. Bill congratulated Trustee Lane on his election

Resident Steve Boulet

Asked if there were plans to continue streaming Board Meetings. A discussion followed.

Resident Paul Cooney

  1. Asked the status of the Luzzi Paving. Mayor Grenier advised there is nothing going on at this time. The village is applying for a grant to replace water & sewer lines in the south end. A discussion followed.
  2. Mr. Cooney asked about the status on the traffic signs. Mayor Grenier said she would follow up with Mike Hagmann.
  3. Mr. Cooney stated we should increase the number of handicap sports in front of the Police Department. Mayor Grenier advised that for meetings DPW will put up temp handicap signs. Mr. Cooney advised that with the sloap they would not be compliant. A discussion followed.

Resident Kirk Montanye

  1. Asked about the fallen ceiling tiles in the back hallway. Clerk Handerhan advised they will be taken care of this week. Kirk also advised there is a light out in the back hallway and asked to check the Emergency Light.
  2. Kirk asked that after Court is done if the chairs could be put away so the cleaner can mop the floor.
  3. Kirk advised that the floor will need to be stripped and waxed.
  4. Kirk is getting a quote to have bathroom tiles cleaned and sealed.

A motion was made by Trustee Marsh to accept the minutes of the July 6th, 2021 Annual Board Meeting, seconded by Trustee Lane.


Trustee Foley voting AYE
Timothy Lane voting AYE
Brian Marsh voting AYE
Mayor Grenier voting AYE

A motion was made by Trustee Foley to approve payment for the following, seconded by Trustee Marsh.


GENERAL totaling $ 1,000.00


GENERAL totaling $ 75,241.66
WATER totaling $ 20,422.85
SEWER totaling $ 9,447.48
TOTALS $105,111.99

PARK IMPROVEMENT: totaling $ 11,810.76

PAYROLL # 4: totaling $ 93,576.24


Trustee Foley voting AYE
Trustee Lane voting AYE
Trustee Marsh voting AYE
Mayor Grenier voting AYE

A motion was made by Trustee Lane, seconded by Trustee Marsh, to accept
the following resolution:

RESOLVED, that the Treasurer be, and hereby is, authorized to make the following Budget Transfers

Account Account
From Acct: A.1990.0400 To Acct: A.7110.0404
Description Contingent Account Parks – Misc.
Amount: $13,500.00 $13,500.00

From Acct: A.1910.0400 To Acct: A.1620.0405
Description Unallocated Ins Bldg. – Ins.
Amount: $2,015.00 $265.00

From Acct: ” To Acct: A.5110.0405
Description ” Street – Insurance
Amount: ” $1,050.00

From Acct: ” To Acct: A.7110.0405
Description ” Parks – Ins.
Amount: ” $50.00

From Acct: ” To Acct: A.8160.0405
Description ” Refuse – Ins.
Amount: ” $650.00


From Acct: F.1990.0400 To Acct: F.1910.0400
Description Contingent Account Unallocated ins
Amount: $12,435.00 $185.00

From Acct: ” To Acct: F.8340.0206
Description ” Water Meters
Amount: ” $12,250.00


Trustee Foley Voted – Aye
Trustee Harris Voted – Absent
Trustee Lane Voted – Aye
Trustee Marsh Voted – Aye
Mayor Grenier Voted – Aye

Resolution # 210022:

There was a discussion regarding incorrect readings for 26 Glenwood Road, it was discovered that an improper register was mounted to the meter, therefore the meter was reading higher than
actual readings. Trustee Marsh offered, seconded by Trustee Foley the following resolutions:

WHEREAS, Water and Sewer Acct. #510000365-0 for 26 Glenwood Road water charges were based on incorrect readings. Now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that a total of $299.96 be deducted from the Water Fund and returned to the owner of 26 Glenwood Road, and be it further

RESOLVED, that a total of $134.96 be deducted from Sewer Fund and returned to the owner of 126 Glenwood Road.


Trustee Foley voting AYE
Trustee Marsh voting AYE
Trustee Nicoll voting AYE
Mayor Grenier voting AYE

Resolution # 210023


WHEREAS, the NYS Department of State (DOS) is accepting grant applications for the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) through the 2021 Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) process, and
WHEREAS, the creation of a Hudson River Pedestrian Access and Green Infrastructure Strategy is an LWRP component that aligns with the Village of Menands Comprehensive Plan and other regional initiatives, and
WHEREAS, a LWRP component would provide the village with increased flexibility to manage its coastal resources and develop local capacity to effectively address revitalization issues, and
WHEREAS, the Village of Menands is now seeking LWRP funding through the 2021 CFA process to advance the development and design of these pedestrian access, green infrastructure strategies and select recreation and connectivity plan elements that will provide numerous benefits to the local and regional community, and
WHEREAS, the grant application process recommends that the governing body of the applicant submit a resolution expressing consent and support for the application, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, the Village of Menands hereby authorizes the submittal of an application to DOS through the 2021 CFA process and to act in connection with the submission of the application, including execution of all required certifications and forms and to provide such additional information as may be required.
And be it further RESOLVED that
The Village of Menands will provide the required 25% match for this grant, or a minimum of $25,000 in in-kind services and material toward the local share of the project costs, consistent with the project budget included in the application.

Trustee Lane made a motion to authorize the mayor to sign the Waterfront Revitalization Program Grant Application, seconded by Trustee Marsh


Trustee Foley voting AYE
Trustee Lane voting AYE
Trustee Marsh voting AYE
Mayor Grenier voting AYE

The Clerk advised that the Village has received 167 payments that amounted to $176,328.93 on line.

Mayor Grenier read a letter she received from the Division of Budget that Albany County will receive $7,220,378 and the Village of Menand will receive $394,695 of which will be paid half this summer and the second half the summer of 2022. The Federal Government has set up guidelines for usage and reporting.

Trustee Lane advised the Board he received a complaint about the Tree Service Trucks parking on village property. A discussion followed.

Mayor Grenier stated she will talk to Mike Hagmann.

A motion was made by Trustee Marsh to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Trustee Foley.


Trustee Foley voting AYE
Trustee Lane voting AYE
Trustee Marsh voting AYE
Mayor Grenier voting AYE

The meeting was duly adjourned at 6:34 P.M.

Donald Handerhan
Village Clerk